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Jewellery combines passion and intricate craftsmanship. Our pieces are made using the finest materials and expert workmanship to bring you exclusive items of jewellery with the added bonus of magnetic clasps on many necklaces. 


 All the jewellery is designed and made in the heart of Yorkshire .

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About Tophat Jewellery

The creators of this range of jewellery, Helen and Tony have over 30 years experience in the UK gift market in both the retail and wholesale sectors and have pooled their wealth of knowledge in designing the beautiful and desirable ranges of haematite jewellery (sometimes hematite spelling) , suitable for every occasion, at prices which are affordable.


We are proud to say that they are all made in the heart of Yorkshire and feature a Union Jack on the packaging.


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What is Haematite?


Haematite is a mineral consisting of iron oxide. It is mined in many countries for the production of iron. The colour of haematite varies from the reddish browns to greys and almost blacks, depending on where they are first mined. When polished it looks almost like metal.


It derives its name from "haema" which means blood in Greek, because the first discoveries were reddish in colour. The varieties with the hard metallic lustre known as looking glass ore are used in jewellery.


Haematite is said to enhance one’s physical energy and vitality and to calm emotions and boost self esteem.  

Wood Art. 


Handmade in the U.K. from salvaged timber.



New for 2024  


Our range of items made from salvaged wood.


All hand made in Yorkshire.